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Ngage Manufacturing

Aluminium Wallet

What is an Aluminium Wallet? An aluminium wallet is a minimalist, RFID-blocking wallet.  They are...
Ngage Manufacturing

High Head Pump Impellers

What are Pump Impellers? The most critical part of a pump is the impeller.  The...
Ngage Manufacturing

Grinding Rolls

What are Grinding Rolls? Grinding rolls are cylindrical rollers that are used in roller mills to...

What Our Clients Say About Us

“You have always been there to answer questions along the way and have ensured our complete satisfaction with the end product. It is also nice working with a Canadian company whose many years of experience in the import/export industry has made our manufacturing experience a very positive one indeed.”

~ Dr. Bonnie Woolford, BA, MD, CCFP, CEO. Brass Wolf Enterprises Ltd.

“The benefit of working with Ngage Manufacturing is easily explained by our continued long-lasting relationship. Ngage Manufacturing has always been eager to support our ideas; they designed component assemblies and products customized to our requirements, and in the end, we were able to cut production costs in terms of labor and productivity. Ngage Manufacturing developed and designed a car lighter plug, which resulted in a reduction in defects and return rates. They have developed products custom to our products and production applications. GJG has made manufacturing overseas an easy and streamlined process, making them a top choice company for sourcing the best products at competitive prices.”

~ George Verghese, Vice President Operations. Koolatron

“Ngage Manufacturing has always been fair and honest and willing to help us grow. If more companies worked the way, they do it would make things a lot simpler. As a result of our relationship with Ngage Manufacturing, we have been able to grow at a rate of 1000% per year. If you are looking for a company to manufacture your products and treat you well, give Nitin at GJG a call and end your search.”

~ Terrance A. Reno, VP of Engineering. Blue Ridge Bracket Company

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