Aluminium Wallet

Aluminium Wallet

What is an Aluminium Wallet?

An aluminium wallet is a minimalist, RFID-blocking wallet.  They are currently very trendy and stylish, and protect against identity theft by preventing RFID credit cards from being scanned without your knowledge.

Manufacturing Processes

The aluminium wallet is made up of several aluminium parts with careful finishing to maintain a tight fit and stylish look.

Laser Cutting – Aluminium sheets are cut with laser cutting for high accuracy and to accommodate the intricate shape of the plates.

CNC Machining – The side pieces of the wallet were machined on CNC Machines to ensure tight tolerances.  These parts needed to be exactly consistent to be able to be interchangeable as this wallet was being assembled based on customised colour preferences for each component.

Sand Blasting – The parts are all sand blast to give a good smooth surface and remove any possible burrs.

Anodizing – Using the electrochemical process of anodizing, the surfaces of the metal parts get a durable, corrosion-resistant and aesthetically-pleasing finish in a variety of colours.

Where they are used

These aluminium wallets are used as a slim, stylish and trendy way to securely carry credit cards or cash.